On 17th November, Phillip Lea will present Part 2 of his “Steam Trains”.

On 15th December, Alan Bradwell will talk on “Tunnels under Darley Abbey” followed by the Xmas Fuddle; bring food and drink to share with others.


DAHG Founder Member Erica Perry died suddenly at the end of October.  Her funeral was on 6th November at St. Matthew’s Church.  Erica was a Founder Member of DAHG when it was formed in 2004.  She served on the Committee as Visits Secretary and took visitors on Walks round the Village.  She gave the first Talk on “Darley in Old Photographs” to Members at the inaugural meeting in January 2004.   She was a keen photographer and local historian and recorded Darley Village and its inhabitants, past and present, in her book “Up Darley, Down Darley”.  Her local knowledge and enthusiasm will be greatly missed.


For the Derwent Valley Mills/WHS Discovery Days on Saturday/Sunday 21st/22nd October, thanks go to all who helped in setting up, staffing and stripping down on Exhibition day.  It was very busy with lots of interest shown, particularly in the Ice-House display and in the Finds. Around 250 visitors came to the Village Hall to meet DAHG and the Artists. On the Saturday Roy & Sheila led about 30 visitors on a walk around the village looking at the locations of “Early Schools”. Then on Sunday they led a further 15 visitors on Erica’s planned walk around the interesting features of Darley Village.

Open Day pictures courtesy of Sukie Khaira of DVM





The next ‘commercial’ event will be in a Historical/Plant/Craft Fayre on May 5th 2018, which Marie, Maureen and Carol are planning to hold in the Village Hall. Please contribute your ideas via the Contacts page of the Blog or by direct email to the organisers.

Margaret has put together the Talks Programme for 2018, so pick up a copy. It’s on the Blog too.

Darley Hall Ice House Community Dig

The Ice-House Project is nearing completion, as we await Trent & Peak Archaeology’s Final Report.  We will also issue our own DAHG Report on the planning and digging, and there will be Talks by T&PA and Tony on the Project early in 2018. Also, T&PA talks to schools will soon be taking place.

Tony has been liaising with Derwent Valley Mills/Buxton Museum about a web-app, which can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.  Tony says :-

“Pocket Wonders” – Helpful Technology at your Finger Tip

Today’s smartphones and tablets have a location facility which uses the built-in GPS. What follows next will allow you to use this facility for your (local) enjoyment.

Thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund the Buxton Museum is able to deliver its ‘Collections in the Landscape’ in a new way allowing audiences to connect with its principal gallery ‘Wonders of the Peak’. Now you can explore Derbyshire and the Peak District through your smartphone and tablet.

‘Wonders of the Peak’ is available online through the innovative web app, “Pocket Wonders”. Those with smartphones and tablets can explore the landscape of the Peak District and Derbyshire in real time while on an actual walk or trail. There is a Darley Abbey walk and many more ‘wonders’ to find and, it’s FREE!

‘Pocket Wonders’ is a series of digital walks that uses the technology ‘in the visitor’s pocket’ allowing them to seek out and explore the landscape around. Click on the following link to learn more,

To try it out with your Smartphone or Tablet, go to, follow the instructions. Connecting to the web at home allows walks to be downloaded to the phone using WiFi. A download is then available on-demand to bring up a phone-based map which uses GPS navigation. No need for internet outdoors, just a GPS signal. At various points in a walk a notification will sound leading to information on the phone/tablet screen about a feature just reached, e.g. about Darley Abbey Old School. All very simple to use and it greatly enhances a walk of a featured area.


We still need someone to volunteer to run the Library and issue Books/Reports to Members.

Sheila W. will definitely resign at the end of 2017, so no issues after that, unless you volunteer !


Newsletter Editor – Alan Bradwell 

Blog Editor – Tony Lintott


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