We apologise for the mishap of the last Meeting, which we perhaps should have foreseen.

On 15th December, Alan Bradwell will talk on “Tunnels under Darley Abbey” followed by the Xmas Fuddle; bring food and drink to share with others.

On 19th January, it is our Annual General Meeting (AGM) when we review the year and elect Committee Members.  After that Marie Gibson will talk about her (and Paul’s) project “Derby Pubs in WWI – CAMRA Project”.


Margaret has put together the Talks Programme for 2018, so pick up a copy. Also see the blog EVENTS section.

Darley Hall Ice House Community Dig

The Ice-house Project is nearing completion, as we await Trent & Peak Archaeology’s Final Report.  We will also issue our own DAHG Report on the planning and digging, and there will be Talks by T&PA and Tony on the Project early in 2018.  T &PA have visited The Vicarage School to show them the Finds from the Dig.

DAHG Plant and Craft Fayre

Being planned by Marie, Maureen and Carol for Saturday May 5th 2018, to be held in the Village Hall. Please contribute your ideas via email.  Put the date in your diary.

New Projects

Following the Ice-house Dig, are there any Projects which Members would like us to undertake as a Group?  There are many similar undiscovered features in Darley that we could explore; not all would need the planning and financial support of the Ice-House project.

There are also projects in our ‘outstanding list’ for individuals who have time to spend in our local Libraries, perhaps delving into the Evans family archives or into the links between Darley Mills and other mills such as New Lanark Mills. Talk to us at a meeting. We have much more to do!

Please email your new projects; and then put your name on the Volunteers list for your project or one from our list.

Planning Applications

The proposed housing development on the gardens on New Road has been thrown out by DCC.

The Darley Abbey Society have proposed buying the land to open as a Public Space thus preventing further housing plans.


We still need someone to volunteer to run the Library and issue Books/Reports to Members.  Sheila W. will definitely resign at the end of 2017, so no issues after that, unless you volunteer !

Winter in Darley Park, showing the witness to one of our many Tunnels


Contact DAHG via the tab in this blog or direct email us at:

Newsletter Editor – Alan Bradwell

Blog Editor – Tony Lintott


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